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Terrace View Wines

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The Zinfandel is Terrace View's flagship red, reflecting our winery's Sonoma origins where Zinfandel reigns supreme. Wonderful ripening conditions preceding the 2013 vintage allowed the Terrace View Zinfandel grapes to gain an excellent flavor profile of a concentrated, full-bodied red wine. The Zin has notes of cracked pepper and a smooth tannin finish that pairs wonderfully with roast lamb. 

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Harrier Ridge wines are only produced in seasons when the winemakers believe that the grapes have reach there optimum maturity and flavour intensity. The wines have their already complex characteristics then enhanced as they are carefully guided through the winery.

Harrier Ridge Merlot from the 2016 growing season yielded intense fruit flavours and aromatic characters. Selective harvesting, small open top fermentation with careful winemaking and oak management have combined to produce a superb wine.


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